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Hidden Problems with the Garage Door

Learn about the electric garage door issues which are the hardest to spot and how to deal with them effectively. Check out our blog posts.

Hard to Notice Panel Damage

The wood door looks so solid and works just fine, but you can notice some darker spots here and there, especially around the lower section of the unit. Is this a serious cause for concern? Yes, absolutely. The darker spots are most likely signs of decay. You will notice that they never tend to lighten up even when the sun shines brightly and the outdoor temperature is high. The most effective way to confirm that you are really dealing with decay is to poke one spot with a sharp object like a pencil, for instance. If the door is soft, then you can be certain that you are dealing with decay. What’s the solution?

Panel repair is mandatory in this case. If the inspection shows that the spots of decay are only a few and relatively small and shallow, then the affected door sections can be restored. The decayed wood is removed and a filler is used for filling the holes. Then they are sealed and the panels are repainted. If one or more panel have decayed and cannot be rescued, they should be replaced.

Cables on the Brink of Breaking

You naturally don’t pay much attention to the garage door parts as long as the automatic unit works normally. That is why it is very difficult to spot problems with the cables when they first appear. One issue in particular doesn’t have any notable symptoms. This is the presence of cuts on the cable. They are typically the result of drum imperfection. The cuts are usually extremely small, but they pose a great risk of the cable snapping at any time. Which is the best way to spot them in time? The best thing that you can do is to inspect these particular parts more often. You can readily use a magnifying glass to help you out.

Over time, the cables get frayed and this is a natural effect resulting from the friction between them and the drums. This change is clearly visible if you pay attention. Besides, you will hear scraping sounds while the door is opening and closing. Frayed cables are more likely to get damaged sooner than later. That is why it makes perfect sense for them to be replaced when the fraying gets really bad.

Spot Your Garage Door Issue with the Clicker

You wouldn’t expect the opener remote to cause much trouble, but sometimes it can really give you a hard time. When it stops working, the first thing to do is to replace the battery. It’s important for the battery compartment to be perfectly clean in order for the device to work well. If there is rust on the contacts, it should be removed right away. When battery replacement doesn’t help, the clicker will need repair or replacement depending on how serious the damage is.

It is natural for people to be shocked when they come home to find the garage door open. Signal interference is a possible, but highly unlikely cause of this problem. Most often, the opener remote is to blame. When it gets a short is starts to emit signal constantly. When you push the button to close the door on your way out, the remote will keep emitting signal and the opener will capture it and open the door once again. If you have already turned around the corner, there is no way to notice what has just happened. This problem can be solved easily and quickly with the replacement of the remote. 

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