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  • What's the best indication that my garage door needs repair?

    When your door needs unusual force just to be opened or closed, it's usually a good sign that there is something that needs repair. Oiling the wrong parts with an improper lubricant can even make matters worse. When it looks like you need a checkup, give our technicians a call for 100% guaranteed reliable service and repair to your home's garage door.

  • What are the pros and cons of choosing a steel garage door?

    Steel garage door is the most common type among households and commercial industries. It is sturdy, reliable, and durable. It is, however, heavier than the other options and may require more power to operate. Steel garage doors are also prone to rust, requiring regular maintenance, as our experts advise.

  • Q: Can we use an old track for a new door?

    A: No. Every garage door is designed to work with a specific track. Also, replacing tracks ensures that the garage door system functions smoothly and is secure. This way the door warranty also applies to the track in case of a problem.

  • How can I estimate the weight of the door?

    If there isn't a label on the door stating its weight and you cannot find it in the manual either, use a plain scale. Put the scale at the center of the door unless one of the extension springs is damaged. In this case, put the scale closer to the damaged spring.

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