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Garage Door Maintenance

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If you have a garage, then you know how important it is to have garage door maintenance/adjustments done. There are so many homes and businesses that have garages. If you want your garage door to last a long time, maintenance/adjustments will cut down on the repairs. Our skilled employees, at our local company in El Dorado Hills, are available to do the maintenance as well as the repairs required. Our garage door service is emergency. We are dedicated to our customers and are open when you need a reliable garage door service.Garage Door Maintenance in California

It is not hard to maintain your garage door, it is as easy as maintaining your car or home. Keeping up with the maintenance will keep you from having a very expensive repair bill. Our garage door contractors can assist you with maintenance and instruct you on what to watch for as far as to what adjustments might be needed. There are moving parts on the garage door that need to be lubricated annually. The technicians from our garage door company can do the lubrication and adjustments in just a few hours.

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When contractors do the maintenance, they will also inspect the garage door for any loose bolts or screw that might need tightening.  If you notice any parts loose or not working properly, contact a technician at our garage door service in El Dorado Hills. One step that you can do monthly is cleaning the garage door with a sponge and mild detergent; this will keep your garage door looking like new. If you have time, you could do the maintenance yourself; come by our garage door company in El Dorado Hills to get the lubrication needed to do the maintenance. A technician will answer any questions that you may have about doing your own maintenance.  Be sure to lubricate the hinges, the springs, the tracks and the cables to ensure that the operation of the door goes smoothly.

After the maintenance is completed, it will be time for adjustments. Over a period of time bolts and screws may come loose and need to be tightened. The cables and tracks may need some attention as well. If there is a problem too big for you to handle a garage door contractor will be glad to assist in solving the problem and have your garage door working.

Do it yourself maintenance might save you a little money, if you know what you are doing. But it does take time to do the maintenance/adjustments and a professional, from our local company, can have all the maintenance completed in a few hours. Maintaining your garage door will keep it looking like new. Our garage door service also includes repairs, installations and replacements. We have the lowest prices available and the best garage door service in El Dorado Hills.

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