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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs are a common issue when it comes to garage door repairs. Our garage door company handles many different types of repairs including broken spring repair/replacement. Our technicians are skilled, when it comes to repairing garage doors. Our company is greatin  emergency repair services. We have the lowest prices in El Dorado Hills and we only use quality products, which are guaranteed, just like our service. We give one day service on all service calls. Our contractors can handle any size of garage doors at either residential or business properties.Garage Door Springs in California

We have repaired, replaced and installed many garage door

Our team of experts is capable of giving your garage door a proper tune-up that it needs. Efficient, diligent, and swift garage door repair services, maintenance, and even new door installations are provided. With highly functional tools, our services provide the best results. Rest assured, we are the leading garage door company when it comes to the care of your door. Whether it’s made of wood, steel, or aluminum, rest assured technicians know exactly the right solutions. Expect nothing but the best service from us because we are the experts committed to delivering the most efficient garage door service.

When it comes to garage door springs, our contractors know their business. We recommend having a professional install the springs. It can be dangerous to install the springs, if you do not know what you are doing. The springs can be heavy and need to be adjusted perfectly in order to keep them from coming loose and causing personal injury or damage to the garage door or your property.  There are two different types of garage door springs that you can get coated with a galvanized coating, which will prevent rusting and pro-long the life of the spring.

Our company carries both types of springs: torsion spring is used for heavy doors; the door can be weighed by one of our contractors.  The torsion spring hangs above the garage door on a steel rod. A technician from our garage door service can have the torsion spring installed in less than a day.  There are various sizes of springs depending on what size garage door you have.

The other type of spring is the extension spring, which is used for lighter doors. The extension spring goes on both sides of the door. If one of the springs were to break then both would need replacing. Once again the garage door needs to be weighed to ensure that the proper spring is used. A technician from the best garage door service in El Dorado Hills can have the extension spring installed in a couple of hours. The extension spring is durable and can last a long time with the correct maintenance.

Our garage door company located in the wonderful community of El Dorado Hills is proud to be a part of the best community in El Dorado County. We have been serving the residents here for a few years at great prices and for emergency calls . We can install, repair and replace any type of garage door part that might need servicing.

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