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Garage Door Repair El Dorado Hills
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  • Clean your door at least twice a year

    Most garage door manufacturers recommended cleaning the outside of your door at least twice a year using water and a small amount of mild household detergent to protect it from dirt buildup and corrosion. Wooden doors should be checked for chipping or peeling paint and water damage, while steel doors can have rust spots or physical damage. If you notice any damage to the door's mechanism, call us for a complete inspection. Our experts are trained to spot minor problems before they become major headaches for you and your family.

  • Adjust the close travel limit if the door hits the floor when closing.

    When the door strikes the floor and then springs back up, this is an indication that the opener is set to lower it too far. Go to the back of the motor unit and find the limit switch. Turn it in the direction for reducing the close travel limit. You may have to try several different settings before finding the one which prevents the door from hitting the floor and from hanging above it.

  • Keep extra batteries for the remote

    Keeping batteries for the garage door clicker in the car is prudent. Sometimes, such little decisions change our lives completely. Imagine coming home late at night only to discover that the remote doesn't work because the batteries are dead. Help yourself live an easier life.

  • Weather seals have great value

    Weather seals must be installed all around the garage door in order to ensure that air drafts won't enter your garage. The bottom seal is very important because it will also keep insects and other small animals from entering and that's why our specialists in El Dorado Hills recommend regular replacement.

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