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Garage Door Repair Projects Completed

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Garage Door Repair Projects Completed

This page can offer you some examples of the different ways our team helped local homeowners with garage door related tasks. If you need our help dealing with a problem or replacing some part of your old mechanism, just give us a call.

Roller Replacement Near El Dorado Hills, CA

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Lawrence’s busy schedule meant a lot of going in and out of the garage, and the slowing down of her garage door had started irritating her.
Our Solution: Our professionals looked over Mrs. Lawrence’s garage door system while testing its movement, and determined the problem had occurred due to rusting garage door rollers. We clamped the door, before prying the tracks open so they could all be removed. Once they had each been replaced with new rollers, our technicians closed the tracks and slid the door over them to ensure smooth movement.

Vanessa Lawrence - El Dorado Hills
Sensor Alignment | Skinners | El Dorado Hills, CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Ms. Evans found that her garage door kept reversing when she tried to close it, which made her worry that something was wrong with it. She called us for help.
Our Solution: Our technician checked the system and found that the sensors had been tweaked and were accidentally reading that something was under the door, hence them not allowing it to close. They were carefully realigned, then tested to assure the door would close properly again.

Jackie Evans - Skinners
Spring Replacement | Clarksville | Garage Door Repair El Dorado Hills, CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the customer’s torsion springs blew out while the garage door was at rest.
Our Solution: As always with spring replacement, the team made safety their first concern, clearing out the garage before carefully easing the springs loose one fraction of a millimeter at a time. Once they were lax, they finished unscrewing the caps and replaced the springs after servicing the torsion spindle.

Redmond Gilbertson - Clarksville
Track Replacement | Garage Door Repair El Dorado Hills, CA

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: The door was barely able to move up and down.
Our Solution: We examined both the tracks and the rollers to try and locate the source of the problem, and ended up finding significantly bent sections as the culprits. We removed the door from its place, replaced both tracks and then reconnected the door and made sure it was in complete alignment and able to open and close properly again.

Nick Carlson - El Dorado Hills
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair El Dorado Hills, CA

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Opener can't start.
Our Solution: The problem wasn't with the unit's power source, which was the first thing we checked. We then inspected the internal components and found that a part of the circuit board was destroyed by a power surge. We replaced it with a new board and the opener returned to a fully functional state.

Tucker Norwell - Franciscan Village
Opener Installation | Garage Door Repair El Dorado Hills, CA

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Needed a new opener for a new garage.
Our Solution: The customer had moved into a new home and his new garage door required a new powerful opener. We recommended a few different models, and he ended having us install the LiftMaster 8587W chain drive opener, which boasted 3/4 horsepower output and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Patrick Williams - El Dorado Hills
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